Junior Year Timeline

  • Help, Encourage, and support your child in the time line below…Junior Year can be stressful!



    • Obtain schedule and forms for the SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT and AP Exams on the appropriate websites: ACT.org and www.collegeboard.org
    • Fee Waivers are available in the counseling office. Student qualifies for a fee waiver by being enrolled in the FUSD Free and Reduced Lunch Program.



    • Register for the PSAT exam offered in October. Taking the PSAT as a junior is the only way to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program.



    • Take the PSAT
    • Start making a list of different colleges that appeal to your student. Naviance has a great college search engine, where you can look at different colleges, majors, etc.



    • Start looking at scheduling tours and admission interviews at different colleges of interest. This could take the rest of the year.



    • Look for classes during Senior year, that will provide your student with strong transcript.
    • Have your student start consider looking for a summer job or internship.



    • If your child is interested in AP Exams in May, they should be signing up this month!



    • All Juniors will be taking the ACT this month. This test is free due to the HELIOS grant.
    • Have your student start thinking about who they will be asking to write them letters of recommendation for applications and scholarships next year.



    • By the end of this year, your student should have at least 18 credits.
    • Add any new report cards, test scores, honors and awards from this past year to the file.
    • Help your child prepare for application essays. You can explore college essay topics online.
    • Review application procedures for the colleges your student is looking at applying to.