• Healthy Classroom Parties

    Dear Families,

    When you contribute snacks for a classroom celebration, please provide healthful, nutritious choices for the students to enjoy. Flagstaff Unified School District strives to teach healthful eating habits, both in theory and in practice. This includes during all classroom parties and events. Our goal at FUSD is to make healthy choices easily accessible to all. Thank you for helping to create a healthy school environment!

    Healthy Options

    Fresh, whole fruit (apples, pears, oranges, bananas, grapes)

    Fruit or applesauce cups (no sugar added)

    100% Fruit Juice

    Bagged baby carrots or other vegetables served with hummus

    Whole grain crackers or pretzels

    Dried fruit mix

    Brown rice cakes

    Bagged, low-fat popcorn

    Cheese sticks or slices

    Yogurt cups

    Fresh Fruit Salads

    Healthy Classroom Celebrations - Teachers Resource

    Flagstaff Unified School District teaches healthful eating, both in theory and practice. This healthy philosophy includes during classroom parties and events, as well as after school activities. The goal of FUSD is to make healthier choices easily accessible to all and promote healthy behaviors for life.

    Many schools have chosen to celebrate birthdays once per month and without food. If food is served, healthy options are required.