• Ms. Parent's Class supply list
    Supply List  
     To share with the classroom

    ·       Disinfectant wipes- two tubes

    ·       Kleenex - two boxes

    ·       Roll of Paper towels

    A box of sandwich baggies or a box of gallon size baggies

    liquid hand soap or hand sanitizer bottle

     For your child’s use

    ·       Backpack/standard sized (no wheelies)

    ·       Class fee-$25.00 (spelling city, Chinese New Year, Misc. Classroom supplies) 

    ·        Four  poly-vinyl pocket folders

    ·       2  Black and White Composition Books (no spiral notebooks please)

    ·       Plastic pencil box

    ·       Crayons

    ·       Pencils

    ·       3 Pink School Erasers

                3 Highlighters 

    ·       Kid sized scissors

    ·       Ear Buds or headphones for use with the IPads (please label with child's name)

    ·       Dry erase markers (6, black or blue only please!)

    ·       Glue sticks -6 sticks

       colored pencils