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Coronavirus closure assignments

Hello.  Please go to Google classroom for all assignments during the coronavirus school closure.  All students should have the classroom code and if not, please email me at  There will be a PDF version of the Starry Home unit in Google Classroom that was started last month so if your textbook is not available, you may use the PDF version.  The PDF version is under the 'stream'  and 'classwork' tabs.  Assignments will be posted beginning March 30, 2020 under the classwork tab and will not go live until the time of the claass.  (Example:  3rd hour class= live at 9:30 am, 8th hour class=live at 12:30 pm)

The Math Pathway section is live and assessments and lessons can be accessed currently.  Instructions are in classwork tab.

I will designate a time from 2:00-4:00 pm to answer questions that you may have during the school closure but feel free to send a question at any time to my email above.

Thank you, be safe, and be well. 

Mr. Rhode