• Resources During School Closure

  • Dear Families, 

    The resources listed below are supplemental and intended to support you and your student during the school closure.  These items are optional and can be used to help your student maintain the skills they have already learned. You may use these resources at your own pace and as you see fit. Any suggested schedules are optional.

    If you have not filled out the kindergarten parent outreach survey, please take the time to do so now:

    Kindergarten Parent Outreach Survey

    I am here to support you during this time. I am available to assist and answer questions via the Class Dojo App, email at Cballesteros@FUSD1.org, or you can call or text me at 480-744-6986.  I will be available to answer messages, emails, phone calls, and text messages Monday-Friday, from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

    I wish you all well during the school closure.

    Mrs. Ballesteros

  • English/Language Arts Resources:

    • Raz-Kids: Raz-Kids is teaching product that provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students.  They offer hundreds of eBooks, at 29 different levels of reading difficulty. Students can listen to and read eBooks, songs, and poems.  It can be used on a tablet device via the Raz-Kids app or through the website. Students can work on this independently or with another student. Adults should limit time spend in Messages, My Stats, and Star Zone.


    Teacher Created Resources:

    • Letter Sounds Review Video: This video can be used for daily letter sound review.  These are sounds your student has been practicing in class. Students should practice sounds, using hand motions, along with the video.  For added rigor, you can turn off the sound and have your student produce the sounds independently. Students can work on this independently. Adults may need to monitor to make sure students are participating.
      • Suggested daily usage: 2-4 minutes
      • No login required


    Additional Resources:

    • Books Read Aloud Online: I have linked a website that has a collection of stories that are read aloud by authors and celebrities. If you are looking to hear some new stories from home, this is an excellent resource.  Students can work on this independently or enjoy with others.
      • Suggested daily usage: 10 minutes
      • No login required
  • Math Resources:

    • Zearn: Students can play individualized math games to practice basic math skills.  As students make more progress, new games will be introduced. It can be used on a tablet device via the internet browser or through the website. Students can work on this independently, but may need help with directions for games. Adults should not help in completing games, as new games will build on previous skills.
  • Additional Resources:

    • ABC Mouse: I have created an ABC Mouse account for each of my students. Students can work on skills such as reading, math, art, the world around us. Students can work on assigned lessons or explore learning activities on their own. The program can be access on a tablet device or smartphone via the app, or on a computer through the internet. An adult will need to create a free ABCmouse.com classroom-linked home account. Contact me and I can send out a parent invite. Students can work on this independently. Adults may need to help with directions.
      • Suggested daily usage: 15 minutes
      • Please contact me for a parent invite to create a free student home account


    • Virtual Field Trips: Students can take a virtual field trip to a farm, baseball stadium, TV station, and many other exciting locations right from home. I have linked a website with many virtual field trips that kindergarten students might be interested in. The site can be accessed  on a tablet device via the internet browser, a smartphone, or on a computer, through the website. Students can work on this independently or enjoy as a family.
      • Suggested daily usage: 15 minutes
      • No login required