• There are two things a parent can never over-do:  you can never over-read with your child, and you can never over-color with your child.

  • Keep the language going.  Descibe everything.  Have your child describe to you.  Ask. "What are you doing" "Why are you doing it this way?"  "Is there another way you can do that?"  What color are those flowers?" "How many are there?" "If you could have one superpower, what would it be?" "Why?" "Watch me make this dough.  What am I doing first? Now what am I doing?  Why do you think I'm doing it this way?"

  • Count everything.  People in the house.  Cars that go by. The beans on their plate.  The rocks that they stack.  The toys that they line up.

    Sort everything.  Sort the family clothes.  Sort the socks.  Sort their toys.  Sort your buttons.  Sort your thread.  Sort the food cans.  Then have them tell you why they sorted things the way they did.

    Look for patterns.  Alternating colors - red blue red blue.  Things that are - up down up down up down.  A fence - pole space pole space. Cups - empty full empty full.