• Here is an easy way to make sure each day's assignments are done. Please click on this link:  Super Simple Checklist

    Ms. Buffington’s Distance Learning Schedule

    SSR – at least 30 minutes of silent, sustained reading

    If you need books, here are some websites:

    Elementary Digital Bookshelf Prek-8  or,

    You could also try this site, where famous people read a story:


    if you Google "free ebooks" - you will have so many choices.

    Reading –

    Do the ELA work from the Digital Hub –

    Or, do the EPA CKLA work. 

    You could also do both, or MyLexia, or another reading program instead.  

    Please turn in your best piece of work on Friday.  Take a picture or attach one piece of work and send it to me by email.     

    AR test - Take at least one a week

    Recess  - play hard!

    Journal writing/sharing – five great sentences

    Journal writing rubric

    Type your best journal entry this week as an email to me, or send any paragraph you’ve written as a word document attachment, please. Use the rubric to help you do this right.

    Break for as long as you want – help someone, if you can.

    Math  -

    Do the math work from the digital hub www.fusd1.org/digitalhub

    Or, work in Freckle https://student.freckle.com/#/login  Use your name and this class code to log in: uufzj5    

    You could also do both, or Kahn Academy, or another math program instead.

    Please do the five minute addition sheet each week until you can do all of them in five minutes - click here  Of course, study the ones that slow you down in your own way.

    Science and Social studies work is available on the hub.  You might want to do Cardboard Challenge https://imagination.org/our-projects/cardboard-challenge/  and this project can be ongoing.

    Check out the Specials Bingo, if you’d like.

    When you are done with your “school day”, please pack up your things in an organized way and give someone a hug.  Think about and compliment yourself on what you did well.  If you had a problem, make a plan for success.