• If you would like, you can do an Independent Learning Project!

    Choose something you are interested in learning about, make something that can show what you have learned, and then present it to your family.

    There are lots of ways to show what you have learned.  Some ideas are to:

     teach a lesson

    make a puppet show

    do a news report

    write a story

    sing a song

    make a game

    make a diorama with a shoebox

    write a list of facts

    write a research report

    make a short movie

    perform a rap

    make a model

    If you're good with technology, you can post your project in Google Classroom!  :)  

    Here is a planner to help you:  Independent Learning Project Planner

    You can write your facts anywhere, but here is a paper to use, if you'd like:  Fact Sheet

    Here is a rubric to help you grade your work when you are finished:  ILP rubric