The Vocational Rehabilitation program provides a variety of services to persons with disabilities, with the ultimate goal to prepare for, enter into, or retain employment.

  • Am I eligible for the VR Program?

    You may be eligible for VR services if you meet all of the following requirements:

    1. You have a physical or mental impairment;
    2. Your physical or mental impairment constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to employment;
    3. You require VR services in order to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment; and
    4. You can benefit from the provision of VR services in terms of achieving an employment outcome.

    Due to limited state funding, individuals determined eligible for the vocational rehabilitation program may be placed on a waitlist for services. The waitlist is designed to ensure that individuals who are most in need of vocational rehabilitation are able to receive VR services in a timely manner.

    How do I apply for the VR Program?

    An application for VR services starts with a referral.

    Select one of the following methods for completing a referral: