• Hello and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  The Covid is still with us, therefore the school year is going to be on-line until it is safe to be in person.    

     We are in a "waiting list only" situation.  If your child's name is not on the waiting list and they are 4 or 3 years old before August 30th, please call the school office and leave your name and phone number with your child's name and date of birth.  I appologize that we cannot have a 3 year old classroom this year; however, we want your child's name on the list so that they will be first on the list for preschool next year.  When school resumes "in person", there is a cap on both preschool cassrooms of 10 students each.  Therefore, both classes are now full.



     On Mondays, Char and I will be waiting for you at 11:00. After you go through the lunch line, we will give you your  paper packet for the week.  If you are having difficulties with the iPad, bring it with you and we will help get it going.

    Thank you,

    Ms Ramona