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    Posted by Katie Krause on 8/5/2020 9:00:00 PM

    Mrs. Krause News and Remote Learning Updates

     What are we learning?

    ELA: "Night of the Spadefoot Toad" skill focus:theme and plot

    Math: Powers of 10, comparing and ordering decimals and finding the midpoint 

    Science: Earth's Systems within ecosystems



    Updated Schedule 1 Updated Schedule 2

    Canvas Learning Platform:



    Students of the Week:

     Dasia was recognized by her peers for being so hardworking. She participates and is always doing what she is supposed to. Way to go, Dasia!


    A.J was chosen by his peers because of his excellent participation, is always puncual and kind. He is an extremely hard worker. Way to go, Adam!


    Weekly Updates:

    • Tutoring: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:15

    • Please submit your address varification forms to the front office at 773-4044 ASAP

    • RTI starts Wednesday! Please make sure students are punctual

    • Please check your students checklist daily to see assignments that should be completed

    Things that should be completed and turned in this week:

    • Earth's Systems Project (outside observations and model of Earth's 4 systems and their interactions)

    • Earth's Systems poetry

    • ch 16 TDQ's

    • Ecosystems choice board

    • Ch 17 TDQ's

    • Science Summary sentence writing 

    • Ch 17-18 TDQ's and writng

    • Math quiz 5

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