• Supply List

    You may not need all of these items until we actually get back into the classroom but I would encourage you to get as many of them as you can to be able to use them at home.   Then you will be all set, once we get to go back into the building.

    You will need:

    * small pair of scissors
    * roll of paper towels (to share with class)
    * 4 double pocket folders
    * plenty of sharp pencils
    * blue or red pen
    * 3 composition notebooks
    * 1 spiral single subject notebook
    * zippered pencil pouch or small supply box
    * box of tissues (to share with class)
    * 1 highlighter (any color)
    * 2 fine-tipped dry erase markers
    * 3 ring binder (1.5-2 inches) --no Trapper Keepers, please

    Optional items:

    * large eraser or eraser caps
    * set of colored pencils
    * small pencil sharpener
    * ruler (centimeters & inches)
    * glue sticks (to share with class)

    Happy shopping! 

    From Mrs. Cooper