• Eligibility:

    Students in the MIT-e program must maintain academic excellence by maintaining a score of “3” or higher in both MIT-e classes (Biology and Engineering).


    If students have a grade below a “3” by half way through Quarter 1 (September 11th) they will be placed on academic probation. During the academic probation period, which is the second half of Quarter 1, students must raise their grade(s) to a “3” or better to regain good academic standing. If at the end of Quarter 1 academic achievement is not “3” or better, then the student will be removed from MIT-e and placed in appropriate courses. A student may only be on probation once each year of their MIT-e career. If the student’s grades indicate they will be placed on probation for the second time in one year, they will also be removed from MIT-e. 


    *This policy will be upheld for Quarter 2, and updated as our schedule changes due to COVID-19 for 2nd Semester. Those changes and expectations will be communicated to you as they occur.