Cleaning Procedures and COVID-19

Cleaning Procedures and COVID-19

Daily Cleaning Procedures

  • Custodial Cleaning Procedures Custodial Cleaning Procedures


    Basic cleaning is done in all areas throughout FUSD sites twice daily

    Basic cleaning products used:

    Other daily cleaning protocols:

    1. Custodians must sign-off on sign-in sheet located at all restrooms to ensure restrooms were cleaned

    2. All staff and custodial must use colored signage on each room to ensure that areas have been cleaned

    • Red sign = needs to be cleaned; staff will be responsible for changing signs for their areas to red each day when they leave the building
    • Green sign = clean; custodial will change sign to green after a room has been cleaned

    3. Staff and students may be expected to clean and disinfect workspaces, communal areas/surfaces, and materials when the need arises.

    4. Staff will be notified about items they cannot have in their classrooms or offices. The FUSD health and safety team conducted school walkthroughs in preparation for return to in-person learning and provided guidelines and steps staff needed to take to prepare their spaces for students returning to the buildings.

    • Site administrators will be responsible for checking classrooms or offices.

Bi-Weekly and On Demand

Weekly Cleaning Procedures

  • Friday:

    Administrators review SchoolDude to ensure that all outside groups using the facility over the weekend are properly registered for custodial services

    1. Administrators will notify R. Lucero and S. Wallace of outside organizations using facility over the weekend to set up custodial services
    2. Organizations will be appropriately charged for cleaning services and custodial will clean and disinfect all areas utilized

COVID-19 Exposure Cleaning

Cleaning Definitions

  •  Baseline Cleaning: also known as daily cleaning; cleaning of non-porous surface areas (desks, tabletops, countertops, etc.), vacuuming, and taking out trash.

    • Baseline cleaning products that could be used: Top Clean, Suprox, Windo-CLEAN, Z1.
    • Baseline cleaning occurs daily.

    High touch: This is an area defined as a heavy traffic area and referenced as door handles, countertops, and other surfaces where continual daily use might occur from different individuals.

    • High Touch and Disinfecting supplies that could be used: Re-Juv-Nal, QT Plus, QT3, Vindicator, PUTRABS, Non-Acid Restroom Disinfectant/Cleaner.
    • High Touch occurs twice daily

    Disinfecting: Referenced as the use of chemical/pesticide in order to kill virus, germs, and bacteria on the high touch surface. This type of cleaning will be used if there was a COVID exposure. The area would be closed, sit undisturbed x 24 hours, if possible. Then disinfecting would occur, and areas would be open when it was safe for students and staff to enter again, usually the process takes about 36 hours.

    • Disinfecting treatment occurs per direction of COVID Support Team only.

    Soap and Water Treatment: This cleaning method is used to clean after a disinfection process. This is occasionally necessary to remove residue, debris left behind after the chemical has completed its disinfection process.

    • Soap and Water Treatment occurs monthly, or more often based on frequency of using disinfectant cleaning practices.