Books Recommended by MEMS Students

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  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain (Juvenile Fiction)

    The book explains the travels and adventures of the main character (Huckleberry Finn).


    Fablehaven, by Brendan Mull (Juvenile Science Fiction)

    It is about an older sister named Kendra and a brother named Seth who go and stay the week at there Grandpa’s house because there parents are going on a cruise. There grandpa lies to them and says that there are ticks in the woods so they cant go there but Seth goes there any way... 


    Who Was Harry Houdini?, by Patricia Brennan Demuth (Juvenile Biography)

    The remarkable, exciting life of internationally famous magician Harry Houdini, his stunts, his family, his death, and his love for the world!


    Pranks and Actions, by Laurent Richard  (Juvenile Graphic Novel)

    It is a really funny book to read but it is a comic book but other than that it is a really funny book to read. 


    The Mapmaker Chronicles, A.L.Tait  (Juvenile Adventure)

     The king wants a map of the whole world and has multiple teams racing to make the map and bring it back but their are some unexpected turns that delay them.”


    Big Nate pray for a fire drill, by Lincoln Peirce (Juvenile Graphic Novel)

    This is a hilarious graphic novel about a kid who is very funny, enjoy as they take you on their wonderful journey through school and summer!


    The wimpy kid movie diary: The next chapter, by Jeff Kinney (Juvenile Non-Fiction)

    It is about how the creators of Diary of a wimpy kid made a movie about The Long Haul book #9 of the. Wimpy kid series. It has lots of info about how they made the book in to a movie. The movie is about a family named the Heffleys who go on a vacation to see there grandmas party but some stuff happens to them that make them almost late. The director got some ideas for the movie from some Alfred Hitchcock movies. One of the ideas was from the movie “The Birds” where they had a group of seagulls attack them over food.  


    Keeper of the Lost Cities Series, Shannon Messenger (Juvenile Science Fiction)

    Sophie Foster always felt like she didn’t belong, she was a 12 year old high school senior and struggled with a secret. Sophie could read minds, uncontrollably and they constantly made it hard to focus. One day she is met by a boy who takes her to an  world where she truly belongs. Sophie believes this is where she was meant to be but soon realizes that even with her own kind she is different from everyone else. Join Sophie as she navigates through this new world to find where she really belongs.   



    Autoboyography, by Christina Lauren (Young Adult Fiction)

    This book really shows the struggle of being queer and religious. I enjoyed following along with Tanner and Sebastian’s twists and turns through their relationship. It really is a touching love story. 


    Tiger Eyes, by Judy Blume (Young Adult Fiction)

    A 15 year old girl goes through the world after her fathers sudden death, as she finds her family changing and evolving, she goes through the hard and good times of life after tragedy.


    Deenie, by Judy Blume (Young Adult Fiction)

    A book about a girl who has a beautifull face, how she is protected and hurt.


    More titles recommended by MEMS students:

    Anne of Green Gables: A Graphic Novel, by Mariah Marsden (Juvenile Graphhic Novel)


    Restart, by Gordon Korman (Juvenile Fiction)


    The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill (Young Adult Fiction)


    A Dog’s Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron (Adult Fiction)


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