• 2nd Grade Social Health:2do grado de salud social

    Here are the links to the content materials for the lessons:Aquí están los enlaces a los materiales de contenido de las lecciones:

    Bullying prevention booklet  

    Good Touch Bad Touch coloring book  

    FUSD uses the Safer Smarter Kids ™ curriculum for the 2nd grade video lessons
    El FUSD utiliza el plan de estudios Safer Smarter Kids ™ para las lecciones en video de segundo grado


     Lesson/lecciones 1    

    •  Introduction and Review
    • Safety Superstar Tools

     Lesson/lecciones 2

    •  Awareness and Surroundings
    • Safety Goggles
    • Knowing your Address and Phone Number
    • Safe and Unsafe Situations
     Lesson/lecciones 3
    •  P.L.A.N. Introduction
    • Grown-Up Buddies
    • Sequencing each step of the P.L.A.N.
    • Changes in the P.L.A.N.

     Lesson/lecciones 4

    •  Safe and Unsafe Secrets
    • Secrets Gauge
    • Think, Feel, Act
    • Trusted Triangle
    • I Mean Business Voice
     Lesson/lecciones 5
    • Body Boundaries and Privacy
    • Lock and Key Token
    • Feeling Safe and Respected
    • Private Parts

     Lesson/lecciones 6

    • Body Boundaries and Privacy
    • Safety Barometer
    • Bullying
    • Safe Use of Cell
    • Phone Camera
     Lesson/lecciones 7
    •  Cyber Safety
    • Guiding Voice
    • Cyber Citizen
    • Learner’s Permit