• Supply List

      We will be using these items throughout the year.

      We use our notebooks everyday and can go through them so  you may want to get a few extra (while they are on sale).

      You will need:

      * small pair of scissors
      * roll of paper towels (to share with class)  (Only of your last name starts with A-M)
      * 4 double pocket folders
      * plenty of sharp pencils
      * blue or red pen
      * 3 composition notebooks
      * 1 spiral single subject notebook
      * zippered pencil pouch or small supply box
      * box of tissues (to share with class) (Only if your last name starts with N-Z)
      * 2 fine-tipped dry erase markers
      * 3 ring binder (1.5-2 inches) --no Trapper Keepers, please

      Optional items:

      * large eraser or eraser caps
      * set of colored pencils
      * small pencil sharpener
      * ruler (centimeters & inches)
      * glue sticks (to share with class)

      Happy shopping! 

      From Mrs. Cooper