• Hello My AMAZING Marshall Parents!
    I hope you and your families are doing well and staying healthy and safe. I REALLY MISS YOUR CHILD! It's not the same without them!
    I wanted to announce that our class website will be our new way to access all the resources in one easy place. 
    *Complete anyway you see fit. It is up to you to set a time of practice or schedule for your child. Most importantly have fun!! 
    On the district hub or on the student page, you will find the link for the 2nd grade suggested weekly lesson plans. These lessons are optional and are not required but are made available for you and your child. There are activities for each content area (reading, math, science, social studies, music, art and P.E.)  You can download them and print them off for your child or you can have the paper packets mailed to you, just email and let me know. You do not need to send these back upon completion. There will be a new set of lessons each week for the remainder of the year.  Here is a fast link to view them yourself as well: https://sites.google.com/fusd1.org/fusd-digital-learning-hub/home/elementary/second-grade?authuser=0
    (On the student page, I have links that will take them directly to these sites for their practice)
    Details of Programs and logins/passwords:
    1. Raz Kids- As discussed at conferences, students have their assigned leveled reading practice. (I would recommend 15-20 minutes of practice a day)     
    Login Info- Class Username: rmacias11, Password: abc
    2. Reflex Math- Students know how to use this program - Each daily session averages about 15-20 minutes as well, or until they get the "green light"   
    Login Info- Class Username: rmacias, Password: Is their student ID, Its a 600 number (an 8 digit #)
    3. Accelerated Reader- The students know this as "AR". They can read books at home and take an online quiz on them. Most books are on the online program and they love to see their little flower grow when they complete the quiz. This is now available to use at home.     
    Login Info- Student username: first initial, followed by the first 4 letters of their last name, Password is abc
    4. Epic- This is a great site that allows students to explore books on topics and genres that they are interested in. They have great books with many different levels for all learners. These books will also read aloud to them. I can also assign books or topics to their mailboxes so be checking reguraly for fun.   
     Class login code- uaw2452 (This is the only code they will need for this program)
    5. ZEARN Math- This is a great interactive program that teaches the students the daily lessons that we were learning in school. I have assigned a review of module 4 which is 2 digit addition and subtraction. Have students follow along. They may need paper or a dry erase board/marker to follow along with the interactive lessons. This program is self paced, so when they are done with the lesson it goes to the next one and so on. I recommend one lesson a day.       
     Login Info- Class code DJ7P9Q, Username: first initial and whole last name, Password: abc 
    6. Readworks-  A new comprehension site with fiction and non fiction texts. I have assigned articles that will continue our studies in social studies on government and leaders. Once they log in they will see their "assignment page" and read an article on their list. When they are done reading the article, they can answer the questions and submit it to me online. I will check these and provide feedback on their answers. 
    Login Info-  Class codeYD4454, Password is 1234
    I will be checking these programs and monitoring each child's progress. I will communicate results to you and check up weekly with everybody. Have fun learning!! Thank you for trying your best! You are all GREAT!! 
    If you have any questions or need to reach out to me please do so anytime. My email is rmacias@fusd1.org 
    Flagstaff Unified School District https://www.fusd1.org