Navajo Language Classes


    Dear Families,

    Hello, This is Mrs. Amy N. Begay, your student’s Navajo language teacher from Sinagua Middle School. I’m reaching out to check in and say hello as well as give you some information about the coming weeks.

    Teachers will be posting work (or directions) on their SMS staff pages and we’ve found that it’s easiest to check in with these teachers as if you were following a typical school day schedule…Period 1, Period 2, etc. Teachers will likely be offering “office hours” to allow you to connect directly with them if content specific questions arise. 

    If internet is unavailable to your student, please let me or the school know and we will problem solve together. We've learned that students must be online initially to access anything in Google Drive (document, presentation, etc) but they can then select the option to work offline (three dots, top right) and switch the slider to Available Offline. After doing this, the student can open Google Docs and have Offline access (check the three lines by the Search menu). Students can then edit and save these files.

    Most of the Navajo language/culture readings will be on Google Classroom, so every evening you can check it. 

    We hope you’re doing well and want to let you know that we’re here to answer any questions you may have. You can direct questions to me or to the main office at (928) 527-5500.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to learn and work through this unprecedented situation together. Take care!


    Mrs. Amy N. Begay