• FlagIndian Education Support Program

    The Indian Education Support Program utilizes two funding sources; Johnson-O'Malley (JOM) and Title VII. Both programs are designed to meet the special academic and cultural needs of Native American students Pre-K through 12 grades in the core academic areas as well as attendance and enrichment activities. To be eligible, a student must be Native American enrolled in Flagstaff schools and have the appropriate forms on file with with the Indian Education Office.
    JOM requires a copy of the student's Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) while Title VII requires a form verifying the student is enrolled with a federally recognized tribe.
    The purpose of the Title VII grant is to assist all Native American students in achieving the same education standards expected of all other students through supplemental and supportive academic advisement program. Native American Academic Advisors assist and challenge students to meet the rigorous academic requirements for school completion, encourage participation in extra-curricular activities to foster interest in school, and to help seek post secondary opportunities that enable students to become independent, self-sufficient and productive citizens of their communities.