• TeepeeCIB & Title VII Forms

    The Flagstaff Unified School District does not fund the Indian Education Support Services that are present in each school. We are unique in that we are able to provide these services for Native American students through specific grants. In order to apply for these grants under the Indian Education Program, our schools and district must determine the number of Native American children enrolled. The amount of funds given to school districts are based on the number of eligible Native American students.
    Indian Education Department maintains two important documents (Certificate of Indian Blood and the Title VII 506 form) that generate the funds for eligibility and services provided to American Indian/Alaskan Native students as required by federal mandates.
    Funding received is used for many programs across the district. Some examples of how our Native students benefit from this funding are: Elementary students can purchase books at their school's scholastic book fair, we purchase library books to add to our Native American collection for researching (i.e. biographies, autobiographies, Tribal history, etc.); it is used for registration fees, for summer school and the honors program at the high school level, tutoring, it provides materials to support the Navajo language and government classes, conducts eye-glass projects, it supports programs to increase family involvement through hosting Family Fun Nights, Family Reading Night, Winter Family Night, the Native American Parent Conference, Native American Heritage events and end-of-the-year honors banquet and picnic. Funding also compensates for the role and responsibilities of the Native American Academic Advisor so that they help "bridge that gap" between the student and the school.
    Your continued support is necessary to insure your child's continued eligibility for services with the Indian Education Department.