" One absence or late is one too many!"

    Attendance Policy

    Every child's academic success is important to the Flagstaff Unified School District, and regular attendance is necessary to meet that goal. In our search for excellence in education at F.U.S.D., we will be implementing the following tardy and attendance policy; parents will be notified by letter of their students fifth absence, again at ten absences and at 12 the student will be placed on attendance probation.

    Flagstaff Unified will follow ARS-15-803 that requires students to be in attendance 90% of the time to receive credit. Students who miss a class 12 times may lose credit in that class. There will be a very strict chronic illness list, documented by our nurse, parents and physicians. There will also be a special circumstance list to provide a safety net for children with unusual circumstances that affect attendance. Flagstaff Unified believes very strongly that 12 absences is excessive and will result in loss of credit. Regular school attendance is required by law and students should remain out of school only when absolutely necessary. The ultimate responsibility for school attendance rests with parents and students. Flagstaff Unified will assist in monitoring your student's attendance. An appeals process with an administrator and a committee of teachers is available for students who exceed the 12 attendance marks.

    Parental Instructions

    If you are absent from any class for any reason except a school-sponsored activity, your parent/guardian must clear an absence by 9:00 a.m. the same school day. She/he will need to use one of the following two procedures: 1) Calling the attendance office recording line at 773-8261 the day you are absent, or 2) Sending a note with you including: your name and grade, day and date of absence(s), the reason for absence(s), parent/ guardian signature and daytime phone number. The attendance window will be open at 7:30 a.m. You can turn in a written excuse at that time.

    When cumulative absences exceed 12 days in a semester, a statement from a physician is required to excuse illnesses.

    Petition for Absence

    If your family finds it necessary for you to be absent from school because of a non-school activity, your parents/ guardian must notify the administration two (2) school days prior to the absence. The school will provide a petition-for-absence form for you to get your teachers' signatures and your class assignments. The form must be returned to the office before you leave school. Your parents will be advised if you are not doing well in school or if such absences will cause a loss of class credit.

    Tardy Policy

    Flagstaff Unified Middle School is working diligently to ensure that all students are in class daily and on time. This is critical for each student in order to have continued success in his or her academic career. When a student is late it not only disrupts the student's learning, but it disrupts all students' learning and the classroom teacher. Students will be referred to the Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC) for their third and any subsequent tardies to a specific class.