• 2010-2011 Uniform Code of Dress

    Approved Attire

    ALL Shirts:

    Tee shirts, collared shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies etc, must be:

    - Blue, white or gray green or red in

    - Be plain or have a Flagstaff Unified School logo.

    ALL Pants:

    Pants/Shorts/Dresses/Skirts/etc. must be:

    - Made of blue denim, cotton, polyester or khaki material.

    - Be blue, black or khaki (tan) colored

    - Shorts or Skirts must be mid thigh

    Jackets will be placed in student lockers.

    Headwear: Hats, bandanas, scarves, sunglasses etc. may not be worn inside the school.

    Footwear: Shoes must be worn at all times. For safety reasons, slippers, booties, and stocking feet are not allowed.

    Accessories: Accessories to be avoided are pins, chains, belts that are too long and anything that is studded with metal (i.e. a spiked bracelet, necklace.)

    Safety: The safety dress code as prescribed for shop, home economics, physical education and science classes will be followed.

    Cleanliness/Hygiene: Dirty clothing or intentionally ragged or torn clothing is inappropriate.

    Extra-Curricular Activities: The dress code for all school activities including dances is the same as the dress code for the regular school day. If a student is not in compliance with the dress code, s/he will be removed from the activity/ dance and parents will be contacted to come and pick up the student.

    ** Other attire at the discretion of administrators**