• Flagstaff High School

    9-12th Grade Art


    Instructor: David Hale

    Room: 505

    Email: dhale@fusd1.org


    Semester Syllabus


    This course focuses on development of art skills, character and social relationships, as well as building confidence through success.  


    Students will learn how to:

    - Organize folders with a daily entry

    - Identify the 6 Art Elements, and the 6 Principles of Design

    - Create a variety of Art Projects

    - Self evaluate artworks (Grading Rubric)


    Art 1-18 Week course

    - Drawing (contour, freehand drawing)

    - Printmaking

    - Variety of 2D and 3D art

    - Crafts (clay, mask, wire sculpture, mosaics)

    - Painting-watercolor

    - Printing

    - Art Appreciation/ History


    Drawing and Painting-18 Week course

    - Drawing Techniques (contour, shading, freehand, still life)

    - Painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil)

    - Art Appreciation/History


    Ceramics-18 Week Course

    - Hand Building

    - Coil/Slab

    - Throwing

    - Art Appreciation/History


    Advanced Art Study

    -Independent Projects 

    - Advanced Drawing Techniques

    - Advanced Painting  

    - Advanced Ceramics

    - Art Appreciation/History

    Grading/Evaluation, Rubric


                15-25pts Design (simple, simplex, complex)

                15-25pts Expressiveness (3-5 I like sentences)

                15-25pts Art Elements/ Principles (line, shape, texture, space, value)

                15-25pts Craftsmanship (time, skills, effort)




    Respect Instructor’s right to teach

    Respect student’s right to learn

    Respect each other and their projects

    Respect yourself and your projects

    Respect Art Supplies, Tools and Equipment


    Attitude & Participation


    Students will have a positive attitude in Art class and will participate in all assignments to the best of their abilities.




    All projects will be done in class; therefore students need to attend class daily to use valuable instruction time. Students are responsible for all projects and daily entries if they are absent.


    Instructor Statement


    I am looking forward to working and getting to know you this semester. We are going to learn about art, reading and writing, good study skills, and how to socialize with other. This is going to be a great semester!





    I agree with the syllabus and will do my best to comply with this agreement.