ideal option for families
    All 7th through 12th grade students under the age of 22 are eligible for enrollment. Enrollment in NADL is FREE to all students wishing to enroll in the school full-time. 
    • Northern Arizona Distance Learning is Flagstaff Unified School District's only online school.
    • Northern Arizona Distance Learning offers over 80, 7th - 12th grade courses that are all aligned with state and national standards.
    • Students who wish to take online courses in addition to a full course load at one of our district schools will be required to pay $200.00 per semester of core credit and $150.00 per semester of elective credit.
    • Please note that students wishing to transfer credit(s) from online schools without district approval may be required to adhere to district testing requirements prior to credit transfer. 

    **All credits earned through Northern Arizona Distance Learning (both elective and core) will transfer to any FUSD school. Additionally, all Arizona colleges, universities, and military programs recognize credits earned through Northern Arizona Distance Learning as traditional High School credits.