• Mount Elden Middle School

    Flagstaff Unified School District, No. 1




    Department: Career Technical Education, Family and Consumer Sciences

    Course Title:  Foods I (Culinary Arts)                    Course Length: 9 Weeks


    Course Overview

    This is an introductory course designed to provide students with information about food and nutrition that they can use in everyday life. This course focuses on the latest dietary recommendations to help one make healthy food choices. Guidelines for planning family meals, buying and storing foods will assist students in making wise consumer decisions. Laboratory experiences on basic cooking techniques will give the student a background needed to prepare a wide variety of foods.

    Course Objectives:

    The student will: 

    1.      Apply sanitation and kitchen safety techniques in food preparation, service and storage.

    2.      Demonstrate food preparation techniques.

    3.      Demonstrate teamwork, cooperation and organizational skills when working within a group.

    4.      Prepare a variety of nutritious and acceptable food products using the principles of food preparation.

    5.      Apply knowledge of the principles of meal planning, service and etiquette.

    6.      Use technology to expand knowledge about food and the food industry.

    7.      Evaluate food products according to given sets of standards.

    8.      Identify a variety of careers in the food industry and consumer and family sciences.

    Assessment Tools:

    Success in Foods I will be assessed by teacher and student evaluation of prepared foods (lab work), quizzes, unit tests, a final exam or project.

     Evaluation Procedure:

    Students will receive points for completion of course requirements. The points earned during the semester will be added together and computed into a percentage.

    Grading Scale:          90-100 %             = A

                                         80-89 %               = B

                                        70-79 %                = C

                                        60-69 %                = D

                                                        59% and below   = F