•  Class Supply List and Information
    Supply List for Ms. Arnold’s Fifth Grade Fireballs

    Perhaps I should explain how these supplies will be used for home learning. We will do a lot of things online using Google Docs, making slides, creating or watching videos, using Flipgrid or Nearpod, etc. You will take reading tests online after reading articles online.  You will be turning in a lot of your work using technology. Sometimes you will be using your iPad to take a photo of your work if you did it on paper instead of online and send the picture in for grading or proof you did the work. You may need to take a picture with your iPad and move it into a slide for an assignment. It all sounds complicated, but I will provide you with video or written instructions and show you live online when showing you that way works best. Sometimes you will use a program that needs a password because it is not part of our Canvas operating system. 

    Items needed for home learning online

    wi-fi access. The school is providing hot spots, but you need to think ahead and know before we start the school year how you will access wi-fi. You will need it every day. You will be required to log in every day for attendance as well as to interact with your class about assignments.   

    1 quiet place to work on your schoolwork without distractions, where you can keep your school supplies with your iPad. When we are live online, you will need for your workspace to be quiet so you can hear your teacher and classmates and so they can hear you and each other. If you have background noise, no one can hear. You are always expected to attend live sessions online. 

    1 personal set of inexpensive headphones or ear buds for iPad use

    1 small and hard to lose notebook to keep your username and passwords for the programs we will be using. They need to be kept in one spot where you can find any of them you are looking for very quickly. I will demonstrate to you how to record these.

    1 backpack if you are not staying at home to do your schoolwork, such as going to childcare or at your grandparents house while your family goes to work. You won't want to lose your work when you travel back and forth. If you are working at home, you need a place to put your work when you are done every day. You could put it in a box, or in a paper bag, etc. so you don't lose it and no one destroys it when you aren't looking. 

    lined paper for for taking notes about work you will do, writing paragraphs, spelling word practice, etc. This can be either loose paper or a notebook.

    plain paper for drawing diagrams, models, notes while doing group work, etc. 

    Two folders - one to keep personal work from getting lost and one for keeping group work papers together

    Writing pencils

    Colored pencils

    If you want to attach papers that belong together you may need paperclips or a stapler.

    You may also want a ruler, scissors, pencil box, or other things most people already have at home. 


    Items needed when we return to in-person, in-classroom learning

    1 excellent attitude about wearing a mask and following social distancing rules to protect the health and lives of everyone at the school and their families. 

    Several masks and ziploc-type bags to keep them in while you eat lunch. These will most likely be required to be worn for the rest of the school year.

    personal hand sanitizer would be wise to have at your desk

    1 backpack

     1 personal refillable, sturdy water bottle with your name written permanently on it to keep at your desk all year

     1 personal set of inexpensive headphones or earbuds for iPad use. This item is very important because, even in the classroom, to keep from touching the same items, a lot of our work will be done online. 

     1 folder for transporting homework and notices to and from school

     1 package loose leaf wide-lined paper

    One good pencil box or pencil bag large enough to hold all of your pencils and colored pencils

     Many pencils (Dixon or Ticonderoga preferred), but NO mechanical pencils will be allowed if you are too busy fixing them to do your work. You cannot share items with neighbors this year or even pick up a dropped pencil off of the floor and hand it back to its owner. 

     1 large eraser

     1 personal pencil sharpener of excellent quality that has shavings storage. This item is very important since we cannot use all-class pencil sharpeners unless we disinfect them between every use.

    1 small pair of scissors

     1 box of colored pencils

    The students will not need glue of any type and will not be allowed to keep any in their desks. 

     2-3 dry erase markers, finer line, not the thick ones

     1 ruler with both centimeters and inches marked on it

     1 large box of Kleenexes apiece for the whole class to share – stored for all  class use

     1     ½” binder

    1 small dispenser of scotch tape

     Note: fidget spinners, and slime will not be allowed in the classroom. However, personal Fidget cubes, Tangles and squishies are easy to sanitize and will be allowed. These can be purchased at Target, Walmart or office suppy stores. Unfortunately, the students will be allowed less whole body movement due to covid-19, so we will all have to work on allowing smaller body movements to help us with some relaxation. There are some other items that could be allowable upon request, such as a sturdy ballon with beans in it knotted at the top, but Rubics Cubes have always kept kids from concentrating, so they need to leave those at home. 

     Please donate one or several of the following much needed items to turn in for all-class use if you are able. Making donations are not required, but are greatly appreciated.

     Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes

     Black, fine tipped dry erase markers

     Paper towels or Kleenex

     Duct tape or clear packaging mailing tape

    Ear buds or headphones for students who cannot afford to buy them. I already know we will probably need 10 or more donated sets.

     Thank you. The fun and learning are about to begin!