Supply List and Information 2019-2020

  •  Class Supply List and Information
     The PTO provided many of thes items, but the items in red are still needed and appreciated. 
     Supply List for Ms. Arnold’s 5th grade 

     1 white t-shirt that fits the student so we can tye-dye them for the Marshall Gallop. It does not need to

             be new. Please write their name on the inside of the collar in permanent marker.

     1 backpack

     1 personal refillable, sturdy water bottle to keep in their cubby all year

     1 personal set of inexpensive headphones for iPad use

     2 composition (NOT loose-leaf) notebooks - one for English and one for Science

     1 folder for transporting homework and notices to and from school

     1 package loose leaf wide lined paper

     Many pencils (Dixon or Ticonderoga preferred), but NO mechanical pencils will be allowed

     1 large eraser

     Students will NOT need glue this year, and they will not be allowed to keep any in their desks

     1 personal pencil sharpener of excellent quality that has shavings storage. This item is very important.

     1 box of colored pencils for personal use and a pencil bag to store them in.

     2-3 dry erase markers, finer line, not the thick ones

     1 ruler with both centimeters and inches marked on it

     2 plain color folders with pockets and page holding brads – students will turn these in for communal class use

     1 large box of Kleenexes apiece for the whole class to share – also stored communally

     1     ½” binder

     Note: fidget spinners and slime will not be allowed in the classroom. However, fidget cubes and Tangles will be allowed.

     Please donate one or several of the following much needed items to turn in for all-class use.

     Needed, but not required to bring items are:

     18” x 23” or 22” x 22” or 15”x15”  or similar size sticky note paper for student team poster making

              (sold in pads)

     A strong, indestructible stapler to donate to all class use.

     A high quality electric pencil sharpener

     Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes

     Black, fine tipped dry erase markers

     Colored sharpie markers – for all class use- cannot be kept in student desks due to graffiti problems

     Paper towels or Kleenex

     Class snacks that will keep well and are individually packaged. School rules say these must be healthy snacks.  (sometimes someone forgets to bring food for a field trip)

     Any set of inexpensive objects that could be used as a small class reward for good behavior/homework completion

     Duct tape or clear packaging mailing tape

     An extra set of colored pencils for communal use

     Old or new manilla folders

     A package of colored copying paper

     Very heavy duty sheet protectors (used for math)



     Thank you. The fun and learning are about to begin!