MEMS 6th Grade Physical Education Course Syllabus

    Teacher:  Mr. Tice

    Grade:  6

    Contact Information: stice@fusd1.org    773-8250 ext.5865

    Course Overview:  This Physical Education Course will be based on the Arizona State Standards and Common Core Standards. Individual and team activities cover many areas to insure interest for all participants.   Students will explore areas in food nutrition, personal health and injury prevention.   Some activities will include basic skill development, physical fitness training, kickball, wiffle ball, handball, ultimate frisbee and many more wild and fun team activities.  There is a "fitness day" once per week. Your child is required to either run the Mile Run or Pacer Run once per week on the "fitness day".  

    Evaluation Method:  The student will be evaluated on daily participation in group and individual activities, social effort, skills effort, written tests and psychomotor skills tests.   Practice includes daily participation, activity effort, bathroom behavior, group discussions, responsibility and attitude.  Failure to follow school or class rules, school suspensions and unexcused tardiness will affect the 20% Practice portion of the grade. Measurement includes the 14 week activity log reflecting activities/exercise completed after the school day ends, basic skill effort, psychomotor/skills tests (including Fitness Gram), mile and pacer runs (weekly) and three (3) week PE units.  Failure to attend will affect the 80% Measurement portion of the grade. Students are NOT required to Dress Out for 6th grade Physical Education classes.  Students are required to dress appropriately for physical activities.   Each student is expected to participate daily unless the parent or doctor has a written note explaining the situation.  The MEMS nurse or your child's doctor is the only one that can excuse your child from participating in the Physical Education class for more than one day.

    Grade Percentage:       


    • 80%   Measurement (Tests, Fitness Gram, Activity Log, Skills)
    • 20%   Practice  (Participation, Mile, Pacer, 3 week PE Units)  


    Supplies Needed:


    • Pair of non-marking athletic shoes(Must have laces that tie on the top)           


    Dress code:  The MEMS dress code applies at all times on or off campus.  It is important to dress appropriately for indoor and outdoor physical activities.  Students in sixth grade are NOT required to dress out in school PE uniform.  


    •  Non-Marking Athletic Shoes (Must have laces that tie on the top of the shoes) 
    • Coat (If necessary)
    • Baseball cap(Outside only)
    •   Sunscreen (If needed)
    • Water Bottle (If wanted)
    • No Sandals
    • No Jewelry
    • Hair Tie (All long hair)


    Discipline procedures:  Each student will be treated equally and fairly at all times.   The student will be first warned, then given a time out and finally withdrawn from the activity.  Major discipline problems will require immediate administrative action.


    • Warning given to student.
    • Time out for 10 minutes from activity.
    • Withdrawn from activity


    Class Rules:


    • Follow Dress Code
    • Follow directions
    • Participate safely
    • Freeze on the whistle…”Stop-look-listen”
    • Respect others and their property
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship
    • Use equipment properly


     I look forward to a fantastic year with your child here at MEMS.   Do not hesitate to contact me at school.


    Mr. Tice  




    7th Grade Mt. Elden Middle School Physical Education

     Mr. Tice 773-8250 ext. 5865 or email stice@fusd1.org.   

    Course Overview: The Physical Education program at MEMS is designed to provide opportunities for students to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.  We are focused on encouraging the student to use physical activity as part of your daily routine to ensure a long and healthy life.   Physical Education has both Academic State Standards and Common Core Standards that must be covered. The student will be introduced to a variety of activities that will cover these standards.

    Physical Education Units: Student will rotate through six (6) units: 






    Pre and Post Fitness Gram Testing 



    90-100%..... A

    80-89%....... B

    70-79%....... C

    60-69%....... D

    59% and below… F


    Their grade is based on three categories that have been identified by the Flagstaff Unified School District #1:

      Measurement (e.g. tests, quizzes)=80%

      Practice (e.g. homework, class work)=20%


    Medical Issues:

    If for any reason your child has a medical issue that will keep them from participating in physical education, a note from home must be provided.  This note must be written and signed by the parent.  The letter must include the “injury or illness” and how long they are expected to be out of Physical Education.    A note written in student handwriting will not be accepted.   


    Severe Injury:If your child suffers a severe injury during the semester; we will work with the counseling staff to get your child into a different elective class.   


    Health:  Physical Education Arizona State Standards and Common Core Standards will be covered.  Your student will learn important health and wellness information


    Dressing Out Guidelines:

      Purchase a school approved PE uniform

      T-shirt:  PE uniform shirt. No sweatshirts over, or shirts underneath are allowed.

      Shorts: PE uniform shorts only. No shorts of another material or other type of short worn under the PE short are allowed.

      Socks: Should be worn at all times with appropriate shoes.

      Shoes: Athletic shoes are required at all times.  These shoes must have laces that tie on the top.  Any other shoe worn will be counted as a non-dress and the student’s grade will be altered.

      Towels: Please bring your own towel for class.


    Consequences for not dressing out for PE: 

      Students are allowed 3 non-dresses per semester

      Students can “borrow” a uniform from the PE staff for first 3 non-dresses

      Student must meet the teacher at the beginning of class to “borrow” a uniform

      ETL will be assigned each time a student does not dress out

      After 5 non-dresses, student will lose credit and fail the PE class

      Dressing out for PE is not an option


    Locker room rules:

    1)    Follow RTR rules at all times

    2)    Treat others as you would like to be treated. No harassing, bullying or horseplay

    3)    No writing on walls or lockers

    4)   No running in the hallways between gym and dome or locker rooms   

    5)   No swearing

    6)   No one is allowed in offices  

    7)   No one should be in the locker room unless a teacher is present

    8) Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times


    Locks and Lockers:

      Please lock items up in the assigned locker at all times

      No backpacks are allowed in locker room 

      If items cannot fit into lockers, please lock those items in the teacher’s office  

      Each student will be assigned a lock and locker the first day 

      Do not share the combination or locker with anyone

      There is a $6.00 charge for lost locks

      The PE teacher/MEMS is not responsible for lost or stolen items  


    Fitness Testing:

    The entire physical education department participates in Fitness Gram Fitness Testing.  There Pre and Post Assessment used by the State of Arizona in determining the fitness level of all students. 

    Fitness Day: 

    This will occur one day per week.  The student will run the mile, pacer run or participate in some type of extended cardiovascular, strength or flexibility type exercises.