• Welcome to English 7

    Ms. T. Walters, M.Ed.
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    English 7 is broken into four quarters.  Please see Curriculum Mapper on the FUSD Website for complete details.  A brief outline is listed below:
    Reading-    QTR 1:  Reading Process, Comprehension Strategies, Literary Text, Informational Text
    Writing-     QTR 1:  Writing Process, Writing Elements, Writing Applications
    Reading-    QTR 2:   Functional, Non-fiction
    Writing-     QTR 2:   Expository and Literary Response
    Reading-    QTR 3:   Persuasive, Historical, Cultural
    Writing-     QTR 3:   Persuasive
    Reading-    QTR 4:   Reading Research, Expository Text
    Writing-     QTR 4:   Research Paper using the Writing Process, Six Traits, Viewing and Presenting.
    Curriculum Mapper gives details of  all strands, concepts and performance objectives.