Online Resources for High School Students

    High School

    Enjoy these free educational websites with your child and have fun learning! Just click on the name of the resource.

    By clicking on any of the links below, you are leaving the Family Resource Center website and the District server. Some sites may require your computer to have sound and/or specific plug-ins in order to complete the activities. The Flagstaff Unified School District is not responsible for the content beyond this point.


    This online drawing tool holds many of the same drawing tools from those expensive software programs. Try it out!

    Free, legal music for downloading, listening and use in your projects.

    The Symphony of Science
    A musical project headed by John Boswell, designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. Here you can watch music videos, download songs, read lyrics and find links relating to the messages conveyed by the music.

    Lets you explore our Galaxy (the Milky Way) and the distant Universe in a range of wavelengths from X-rays to the longest radio waves.

    Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
    Clicking on the name of an element takes you to its Wikipedia entry with full description.

    Khan Academic Math Videos
    Need a review of something taught in class? Every high school math topic is represented here in video form. It's like having your own math teacher at home.

    Recipes for Good Writing
    A place to learn how to write book reports, poems, short stories, business letters, personal narratives, journal entries, persuasive essays, and news stories.

    Non-partisan fact checking of political ads and other political events published by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

    Historical Thinking Matters
    This is a website focused on key topics in U.S. history, designed to teach students how to critically read primary sources and how to critique and construct historical narratives.

    A History of the World in 100 Objects
    Use this interactive site to learn how 100 objects discovered around the world explain our human history. Listen to the podcast (available on the site or via iTunes) to hear a narration for each object.

    This is a free tool for expanding and understanding vocabulary. It is like a visual thesaurus, offering a web of synonyms to help define the word you've searched for. For those needing auditory help, it offers verbal pronunciations as well. The web can be accessed in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

    Learn to Scratch!
    Download this free visual programming tool from MIT and create your own games, music, animations, and art. All the support you need to get started and dig in is available on the site.