About Mr. McGlothlin

  • Hello panther scholars and parents. This fall semester of 2020 marks my nineteenth year as a high school English Teacher, and it's a first in many ways.  Like you, I've made many adjustments since March of 2020 and it appears that making adjustments has become a way of life. Normally, I would be speed-walking the aisles at Walmart and Safeway, grabbing deals on pencils, spiral notebooks, Kleenex, and other items for my students and classroom (and keeping the dang receipts for my taxes). However, "normally" is not our current standard. Now, I'm preparing to teach by adapting and applying more technology than I've every used for work. I assure you that chainsaws are much easier to use, and possibly less dangerous. Yet I am determined to prepare for the same reasons I would be stockpiling school supplies, counting hard copies of required readings, and organizing my classroom. I believe more now than ever that public education--particularly strong literacy skills--is one of the most important rights of our democratic society. I take my privilege and responsibility as a teacher seriously.

    The previous paragraph is a better biography for this year than detailing my brief life history, educational background, family, and interests. Here’s the short biography I would normally have at the top of this page:

    Proud to be a Lumberjack, I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1992 with a degree in English. After graduating, I worked for the Forest Service on the Mormon Lake Ranger District for several years as a wildland firefighter on Engine 5-1 and the Mormon Lake Hotshot crew. Fighting fire was good for my checking account but bad for my aging joints. I returned to NAU where I pursued my post-degree teaching certification and completed student teaching at Sinagua High School in 2002. During this time, I worked at the Coconino County Juvenile Detention Center as a Youth Care Worker and coached wrestling. I have coached wrestling for about twenty-five years. In August of 2017 I completed my Masters of Fine Arts degree in writing. 

    For over twenty-five years I have been active in literacy causes in Northern Arizona, participating in local events with authors such as Ann Cummins, James Jay, Nicole Walker, and Bob Reynolds. My dynamic students have won awards in the Simmerman Poetry Contest, the Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase, the Coconino County Poetry Contest, the City of Flagstaff Diversity Essay Contest, the state-wide Better Business Bureau "Laws of Life Essay Contest," and have had articles and editorials published in the Arizona Daily Sun as well as the Arizona Republic. 

    As a freelance writer, my work has appeared in the following publications: Arizona Highways, Atticus Review, Bartleby Snopes, Clover, a Literary RagFlagstaff Live, Off the Coast, and The Saint George News. Theatrikos Theatre Company has staged two of my ten-minute plays in conjunction with Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase. 

    I am blessed to have a lovely wife and family. My interests include reading, writing, mountain biking, canoeing, judo, wrestling, woodcutting, and visiting my two favorite cities other than Flagstaff: Clarkdale and Yuma.