• Bicycles: Bicycles should be parked in the bicycle enclosure and locked. The school is not responsible for stolen bicycles. It is to your advantage to have a good, strong lock for your bicycle. Police reports for stolen bicycles must be filed by your parent/ guardian.

    Boy-Girl Relations: The demonstration of affection between boys and girls in or around school is limited to holding hands.

    Delayed Start Schedule: School cancellations and/ or the DELAYED START SCHEDULE will be announced by 6 a.m. over all radio and television stations and on the FUSD website: www.fusd1.org

    When a DELAYED START SCHEDULE is in effect, school will start at 9:40 a.m. rather than the usual time of 7:40.  Afternoon dismissal for Sinagua will be 2:25 p.m.

    Flowers, Balloons, and Presents: Interruptions during the school day interfere with learning. Sinagua cannot accept and deliver balloons, flowers, etc. to students.

    Lockers: Students will be assigned lockers to store school and personal items such as jackets. When you are issued a locker, you should not share your combination with friends or open locks so another student can see your locker combination. The school is not responsible for any valuables left in lockers. If you must bring a valuable item to school, you should leave it in the school safe located in the main office. You may go to your locker before and after school and at lunch. No personal locks are allowed on the lockers.


    Drinks:   Energy drinks are not allowed on campus that includes any item that contains high doses of caffeine.