• Dear Parent/Guardian,

    This year, your adolescent reader will be using Lexia® PowerUp Literacy®, a computer-based program that tailors instruction to their specific needs. The activities in PowerUp support and build on our English language arts classroom curriculum, focusing on developing skills in three areas essential to becoming a proficient reader: Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension.

    Here’s how PowerUp works:

    • The first PowerUp session begins with a placement activity that determines the starting point based on their needs. Then, your reader works on online activities throughout the
    • There will be a weekly online usage target of 85-145 This weekly target will decrease over time as
      your reader makes progress. Encourage your reader to meet or beat the weekly usage target!
    • Adolescent readers are rewarded for consistent, strong work by earning Ask your reader about their highest streak and what they’ve learned.
    • Teachers will provide help when needed based on student progress and
    • PowerUp paper-and-pencil activities (for practice) are distributed for completion at school or

    We hope you share our excitement about this program. We feel it will be of great benefit to your adolescent reader’s education!


             Cheri Lewis      clewis1@fusd1.org


    PowerUp can be used at home!

    Please encourage home use to help your adolescent reader meet their weekly usage target. Getting started is easy!

    1. If you are using a desktop computer or laptop, you can access PowerUp through the web browser by going to lexiapowerup. com. Please use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported.
    2. If you are using an iPad®, search for Lexia PowerUp in the App Tap the download icon to download PowerUp onto the device.
    3. The first time your reader uses PowerUp at home, they will need to enter their teacher’s email on the setup screen. They can then log in with the username and password used at


    Teacher Email (for set up)


    Student Username

    ID number


    ID number and lower case first and last initial

    1. Please don’t provide your adolescent reader with extra help while using PowerUp at This way, teachers can see when help is needed and provide additional instruction at school.
    2. You can monitor and celebrate your adolescent reader’s progress in PowerUp via their Your Progress tile found on the PowerUp student


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