Meet the Staff

  • Mrs. Dianne Lomahaftewa-Albert, NAESP Supervisor


    Dianne Lomahaftewa-Albert comes from the village of Soongopavi, located on the Hopi Reservation in Northeastern Arizona. She is Nuvawungwa (Snow Can). She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in SEI and Middle School Mathematics, and a Masters in Educational Leadership, both from Northern Arizona University. She is married and has two children. Her passion is helping people through education.

    You may contact her at (928) 527-6164 and by email:

    Hannah Sandoval, Program Administrative Assistant


    Yá’áh’tééh. Hello, Biih Bitoodnii nishli, Tsé Njiikiní bashishchiin, Ma’ii Deshgiizhinii dashicheii, Tó D’ich’ii’nii  dashinalí. I’m from Birdsprings, Arizona. I am married and have three great children. I received my bachelors in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University. 

    Mrs. Terry Hosteenez, Program Data Clerk


    My Navajo Clans are: Biih bitoodnii (Deer Spring), Ta'neeszahnii (Tangle Clan), Kinyaa'aanii (Towering House clan), and Tachii'nii (Red Running into the Water People).


    Mrs. Michele Calnimptewa, Lead Interventionist at Knoles, NADL, Summit High School

    Mrs. Judith Arnold, Elementary Interventionist at Marshall and Thomas Elementary Schools


     Mrs. Seraphine Yazzie, Elementary Interventionist at Killip and DeMiguel Elementary Schools

    Miss JayLissa Mockta, Elementary Interventionist at Kinsey, Sechrist, Cromer Elementary Schools

    Mrs. Dianne Lomahaftewa-Albert, Elementary Contact at Puente De Hozho Elementary School



    Mrs. Pam White-Hansen, Native American Academic Advisor at Sinagua Middle School


     Ms. Ella Mase, Home School Coordinator at Sinagua Middle School


    Mrs. Lisa Billie, Native American Academic Advisor at Mount Elden Middle School


    Mrs. Georgia Riggs, Home School Coordinator at Mount Elden Middle School



    Mr. Darrell Marks, Native American Academic Advisor at Flagstaff High School

    Mrs. Georgia Riggs, Home School Coordinator at Flagstaff High School

    Ms. Shannon Taylor, Native American Academic Advisor at Coconino High School


    Ms. Ella Mase, Home School Coordinator at Coconino High School

     Mrs. Michele Calnimptewa, Lead Interventionist at Knoles, NADL, Summit High School