Meet the Staff

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    Mrs. Dianne Lomahaftewa-Albert, IESP Director 

    Dianne Lomahaftewa-Albert

    Dianne Lomahaftewa-Albert comes from the village of Soongopavi, located on the Hopi Tribe in Northeastern Arizona. She is Nuvawungwa (Snow Can). She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in SEI and Middle School Mathematics, and a Masters in Educational Leadership, both from Northern Arizona University. She is married and has two children. Her passion is helping people through education. You may contact her at (928) 527-6164 and by email:

    Mrs. Sara Cody, Program Secretary/Accountant

    Sara Cody

    Sara's clans are, Todiichiinii/Taneeszhanii and she is originally from Ramah, NM.  She has a deep interest in helping people through Christian Ministry as well as meeting people from various backgrounds.

    Mrs. Terry Hosteenez, Program Data Clerk

    Terry Hosteenez

    My Navajo Clans are:  Biih bitoodnii (Deer Spring), Ta'neeszahnii (Tangle Clan), Kinyaa'aanii (Towering House clan), and Tachii'nii (Red Running into the Water People).

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    Vacant,  Home School Coordinator
    Killip & Sechrist Elementary Schools

    Vacant, Home School Coordinator
    Knoles & Thomas Elementary Schools

    Vacant, Home School Coordinator
    Cromer & Puente De Hozho Elementary Schools
    Vacant, Home School Coordinator
    Kinsey & Marshall

    Mr. Al Scott, Native American Academic Advisor
    Summit High School & DeMiguel Elementary School 
    He has worked at South Beaver Magnet School, DeMiguel and Kinsey Community School. He has earned to BA from BIOLA University in southern California. In 1999 he completed his Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Education/Human Relations. He is married and has two step-children and 2 grandchildren. Al enjoys spending time with his grandchildren in Prescott, Arizona. He also enjoys playing in bands any chance he can get.   


    Mrs. Pam White-Hansen, Native American Academic Advisor 
    Sinagua Middle School 

    Ms. Belinda Yoyokie, Native American Academic Advisor
    Mount Elden Middle School

    Belinda Yoyokie


    My name is Belinda Yoyokie, I am the Native American Academic Advisor at Mount Elden Middle School. I am half Navajo and Hopi. My clans are Todich' ii' nii born for the Spider Clan. My hobbies include trail running, the outdoors, being with my family and friends and above all helping students succeed in life. I can be contacted at (928) 773.8253 or

    Ms. Ella Mase, Home School Coordinator
    Sinagua Middle School

    Mrs. Georgia Riggs, Home School Coordinator
    Mount Elden Middle School


    Mr. Darrell Marks, Native American Academic Advisor 
    Flagstaff High School

    Ms. Shannon Taylor, Native American Academic Advisor
    Coconino High School
    She is a graduate of Coconino HS and has a M.ED in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from NAU. Shannon has worked for FUSD since 2006. She is also the Head Cross Country coach at Coconino High School and Distance-Track & Field Coach. 
    Shannon is Navajo (Dine) and is a Flagstaff native. She is of the Mountain Cove clan born for the Towering House clan. Her maternal grandfather is of the Mexican People clan and paternal grandfather is of the Big Water Clan. She has 3 wonderful children and enjoys spending time with her family. 

    Mr. Al Scott, Native American Academic Advisor
    Summit High School

    Ms. Ella Mase, Home School Coordinator
    Coconino High School

    Mrs. Georgia Riggs, Home School Coordinator
    Flagstaff High School

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