• August 9, 2019

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Sinagua Middle School, and the eighth grade science classroom. I am very excited to be your child's teacher this year. We have many exciting interactive learning activities planned, all geared toward enhancing students' scientific awareness. Welcome to eighth grade science!

    To be successful in the eighth grade science classroom your child will need to bring the following items to class every day:

    -Science Notebook and two pocket folder: Each day students will log class notes in the science notebook. All experiments and data sheets will also stay in this individual notebook and folder. The science notebook is a vital piece of equipment in the science classroom, as we will also be focusing on scientific literacy on a daily basis. (COMPOSITION NOTEBOOKS ONLY, NO SPIRAL)

    -Pencils: In a science classroom note taking in pencil is a must. We will be emulating scientists in the field, making hypothesis experimenting and then revising techniques, all the while keeping track of collected data. Students also HAVE to have their own set of colored pencils and a personal glue stick. Students are NOT allowed to use mechanical pencils

    -A curious attitude: Part of your child's grade in this class will be based on participation in all aspects of the scientific classroom.

    As you can see, the physical materials your child will need to bring to class are limited; it is vital that they come with a positive attitude, ready to learn.

    Grading: Students will be graded based on understanding of the state mandated science standards.  Sinagua Middle School has gone to a four point grading program.  

    Communication: As part of my philosophy of education communication between the school and the home is vital. At any time if you have questions or concerns please feel free to call the school and set up an appointment, or email me: jworssam@fusd1.org. I am much faster at email communication.  I will also periodically call parents. If your child acts in an exceptional manner I will call home and share their accomplishments with you, as well, if they have challenges in the classroom with discipline and completing educational tasks, I will be calling home.

    The science classroom is an interactive learning environment, one in which I hope to educationally challenge your child, but also provide a safe and fun classroom. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


    Jillian Worssam