• Classroom Supplies - School Supplies

    Every year we have parent requests for the supplies their child will need to be successful in different educational classes.  To be successful in the eighth grade science class students will need:
    Only wooden pencils  ( NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)
    At least ONE composition notebook  (NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS)
    TWO  two pocket  folders
    ONE set colored pencils
    ONE highlighter
    ONE to TWO black or blue pens
    ONE glue stick

    #1:  Rechargeable Batteries: Double A are the best

    #2:  classroom science supplies: glue sticks, scotch tape, hot glue sticks, colored pencils, hand sanitizer, hot glue sticks

    #4:  Please consider Jillian's science class, oceanography club or the STEM / Makerspace Club for your tax credit donations.  We would love to have some field trips this year, but that will not be possible without tax credit donations.  Thank you!

    #5:  TISSUES


    We are constantly in need of materials that are consumable: colored paper, markers, glue, those materials used in classroom projects.
    Thanks for checking the donations page!


    Sam's Club has an amazing deal for a package of rechargeable batteries less than $20