Expectations  Student Academic Expectations

    • Students are expected to complete all assigned class work.  *Not completing work may result in loss of internet or other software privileges.
    • In order to receive credit for work, students must do all of the following: 1) name files correctly, 2) save their work to their personal network folder, 3) copy the file(s) into the teacher's folder for grading.
    • Students should save work on the computer regularly.  If the computer freezes or an error occurs, the student is still responsible for completing the assigned work.  This is especially important during tests.
    • Students may view grades by accessing their class folder.
    • Assignment Due Dates:  There are no specific due dates for assignments, other than the end of the term.  There will be a blank or blank line in the grade book until the assignment is turned in.  The missing assignment will count as a zero until it is submitted for grading.  However, the student has the potential to receive full credit upon submission of the missing assignment.  This also applies to make-up work due to absences.
    • No make-up work will be allowed for absences due to suspension.