• Expections

    Student Behavior Expectations

    Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to everyone in the classroom.  Things that are not acceptable in the classroom are:
    1.  Defiance- Students must follow classroom instructions, including working on assignments when prompted to do so.  Students must never play game on the computer, use email, or be in a chat room.  These incidents would be seen as defiance.
    2.  Disrupting the learning of others- Students may not at any time prevent another student from learning; this includes talking during keyboarding and classroom lectures without being called upon.
    3.  Eating or drinking in the classroom- This especially includes gum.  There should be no food or drinks in the classroom. (Water is allowed)
    4.  Students must respect the equipment and lab rules-In the event a student willfully damages a computer or headsets he/she may be liable for repairs or replacement.
    1st offense- Warning, parent phone call, conference with the student
    2nd offense- R.T.R. for the rest of the class period, parent phone call, possible seat change, counselor notification
    3rd offense- Student will be sent to the counselor
    4th offense- Student will be sent to the office for disciplinary action