•                                  Wish  List                                          


    1.  items for our class store
    Students spend their Mustang Bucks at an end-of-quarter store set up in English classes.  We would greatly appreciate any donations.  (books, supplies, trinkets, age-appropriate toys, puzzles, games, baskets, jewelry, baseball cards, sports stuff, food, drinks, gift cards, you name it...we'll take it!)
    If you don't have items to sell, but would like to contribute, your cash donation will be used to purchase items for the store.
    2.  scissors
    We can use some medium-sized scissors for class projects.  The smaller elementary-sized scissors are too small and adult-sized scissors are too big. 
     3.  Double-sided or regular tape
    In all of our classes, we use Composition Books for our notes and materials.  All of those items are entered with tape.  So any extra would be used in one subject or the next.  Just send it to a teacher and we will add it to our class collection of tape.  Thanks