• One of our biggest goals is to help students effectively use their agendas to organize their school responsibilities.  We don't have our homework assignments  posted on our web pages for this reason.  Homework for each subject is written on the board each day and assignments are generally entered in the grade book within a timely manner. Parents and students can access this information through Parent Vue or Student Vue.  Parents can get password information from the front office.  A second goal is to assist students as they learn to manage their homework and class assignments.  If students have lost or misplaced an assignment paper, they can buy a new sheet with one of their Mustang Bucks.  Our handouts and assignment sheets are not available online so that students are held responsible for keeping themselves organized and their work in order.  We thank you for supporting us in our effort to help students transition from the elementary setting to Sinagua Middle School's sixth grade program.  

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    General Homework Tips                                                                  Girl Studying

    • On average, your child should expect to spend about 60-75 minutes on homework each day.  They will have Reading and Math every night. If your child is consistently going over this amount, please contact me.
    • At this level, it is not a good idea to sit with your child and do homework with them.  They need to be working towards independence and applying what they've learned in class discussions and activities.  You might ask them to reflect back on the discussions and lesson practice to see if that helps spark their memory.   If your child consistently cannot do the homework alone, you should contact me.
    • Homework requires a lot of thinking.  Encourage your child to use good reasoning skills and allow them to solve their own problems associated with homework.
    • Set a homework schedule that fits with each week's particular schedule.  Some students are juggling many outside activities.  Help them organize by working homework time into their plan.
    • An uncluttered, consistent homework area is best for  concentration.     
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    Thumbs Up to Homework!
    1. Homework can prepare students for a new topic by asking them to reflect back and think ahead.
    2. Homework allows students to think about and practice newly introduced material.
    3. Homework gives students the opportunity to practice and maintain previously taught skills.