• The Coconino High School Baseball Program is all about respect, hard work and playing the game the right way. The following expectations will be enforced in conjunction with AIA Rules and FUSD Athletic Code of Conduct and Eligibility.
    The chances of us having a successful program may be in direct relationship to the ability of each player to live up to the following criteria:
    1.     Be a good student in all of your classes.
    2.    Be a gentleman at all times.
    3.    Be on time to class, practice, and games.
    4.    Be a team player...always, (everyone has a role).
    5.    Work constantly to improve in the classroom and on the field.
    6.    Be enthusiastic, dependable, loyal, meticulous, and cooperative.
    7.    Be in the best possible condition...physically, mentally and morally.
    8.    Earn the right to be on the baseball field!  Hustle at all times.
    9.    Keep your emotions under control without losing your aggressiveness.
    10.  By no means criticize a teammate.
    11.   Avoid being selfish, jealous, envious, or egotistical.
    12.   Do not expect things to be given to you.
    13.   Excuses are not tolerated.  Be prepared:  clothing, footwear, gear.
    14.   Keep faith in your teammates and coaches at all times.
    15.   Do not dog, sulk, boast, or showboat.
    16.   Never have a reason to be sorry after the fact.
    17.   Never be satisfied!!!
    18.   Understand your weaknesses and work to improve them...more 
            importantly...focus on your strengths.
    19.   Expect to succeed in all that you do...avoid negative thoughts.
    Hard work beats talent!
    When talent fails, work hard!