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  • ***Closure Info***

    Throughout the closure, I plan to use Google Classroom (Link) as the primary means of communicating any enrichment activities or (eventually) assignments with my students. This is the most sensible approach for Honors English 10 because we've been using this app all year and I know that all of my sttudents have an account. I do understand that a few of my students do not have internet access at home. Once FUSD has a firm plan in place for how we move into Phase II, with assignments able to be graded, I will know more about alternative means to get those materials to families. More fairly soon! -3/31/20

    Name: Mr. Derek Born
    Title: English Teacher Extraordinaire
    Email Address: dborn@fusd1.org
    Phone number: (928) 773-8217 x6425

    Born is my name, and teaching's my game. This has been my calling for 16 years now, and it's amazing how much more there always is to learn about this complex, rewarding, and ever changing craft of cultivating brains to grow like gardens. I like to think of teaching as Applied Neuroscience, because it is!

    Parents and students alike: please don't hesitate to get in touch any time with any questions or feedback or to schedule a conference--whether in person, by email, or by calling and leaving a message.


    El Borno