• Athletic Training Class Syllabus

    1) What does it take to be an Athletic Trainer.
    2) Understand the anatomy of the human body as it relates to athletic injuries.
    3) To be able to tape certain body parts as they relate to injury prevention.
    4) Understand how to run and administer an athletic training room.
    5) Have fun while learning and interacting with your classmates.
    Athletic Training is an extremely people oriented field of medicine that requires a tremendous amount of time and commitment to your facility and athletes. If you feel as though you cannot handle this responsibility, do not get into this medical field.
    Grading Scale:
    89.6%-100% = A
    79.6%-89.5% = B
    69.6%-79.5% = C
    Below this, you shouldn't have to worry about!
    You are not required to do anything outside of this class as it relates to athletic training as part of the athletic training staff. The class is open to anyone other than freshman and is totally separate from my staff. If you are interested in applying for my staff, you cannot get lower than an A in the class and you must fill out an application in January. I directly recruit students for my staff out of this class.
    Subjects covered throughout the school year:
    1) Athletic Training today, what about the profession
    2) Injury recognition
    3) Injury characteristics
    4) Bones
    5) Muscles
    6) Foot, ankle, lower leg injuries
    7) Knee and hip injuries
    8) Abdominal injuries
    9) Head and neck injuries
    10) Shoulder injuries
    11) Elbow, wrist and hand injuries
    12) Special considerations in athletic training
    13) Final