Don't Wish for it...Work for it!

  •  dont wish

    Being healthy does not happen automatically; one must work at it. 

    My intent as a health and physical education teacher is to work with you in your efforts to achieve your health and fitness goals you set for yourself. 

    Success is really quite simple if you follow this advice…

    1) Show up on time to class dressed for the activity everyday.  Tardies, absences, and non-dresses contribute to lost learning experiences that can not be recovered.

    2) Be prepared to take an active part in learning AND teaching. 

    3) If you are absent and it is an EXCUSED absence you are responsible to contact me for make-up options.

    4) Work hard and work well with others.  Treat others as you wish to be treated...What goes around, comes around!

    Health and Physical Education can be fun!  All I ever ask is for one to give me their best effort!  After all, it's what you make of it!  

    be stronger