Health Education

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    Hello my lovely Health classes!  As your health teacher, I would advise you all to adhere to CDC recommendations to get us all through this crazy time healthy. You can look at those recommendations on the website. At the same time, go outside, get some exercise, drink lots of water, make healthy choices, take a multi-vitamin, keep a positive attitude and be kind! All these things will boost your immune system. After all, if you don't have your health what do you have? Healthy = Happy!
    Yours in Health, Mrs. Kriesel
    Welcome to Mrs. Kriesel's Health Education class!  This is a semester long course you are required to pass to graduate.  I am looking forward
    to a fun, challenging, and successful semester.  This class will present a wide array of topics related to health and a high quality lifestyle.  Students’ health grade will be based on class attendance and participation, cooperation, daily journal writing, reading assignments, group activities, in-class assignments, homework, weekly quizzes, unit tests, one major report/project (completed within the first month of school) and a comprehensive final exam. 
    Units will include but not limited to:

    ·                Mental/Emotional Health

    ·                Stress

    ·                Nutrition

    ·                Tobacco Prevention

    ·                Alcohol & Substance Abuse

     Points include but not limited to:

    ·                Daily Journal                                       10 points daily (50 points weekly)

    ·                Homework/group projects                  10-50 points

    ·                Quizzes                                                  5-30 points (Prior notice will be given)

    ·                Unit Tests                                              50-100 points

    ·                Power Point Project                             200 points (assigned the first month)

    ·                Final                                                      100 points

      Attendance & Tardies

    ·                The instructor and the student will document all tardies.  These will result in a deduction of daily health points.  Being late will result in a 50% deduction of daily journal work as this takes place the first five minutes of class.

    ·                In health class there is a lot of group work that will take place.  It is crucial that students attend class, are on time and prepared to work.  Group assignments affect everyone and are difficult to make up.

    ·                Make-up work will be allowed for excused absences only.  Students will be responsible for getting all makeup work and making appointments to make-up tests and quizzes.

    ·                Coconino High School’s attendance policy states after 10 excused/unexcused absences students may lose credit.  Don’t let that be you!

    Items needed for class

    1.  A composition notebook for a Health journal which will remain in class and will be  

         used to answer daily journal questions.  (In-person only)

    2.  A folder or binder with college-ruled paper for health class.  It will be used for

         assignments, note-taking and storing hand-outs and tests  for studying purposes.  (In-person only)

    3.  Writing utensils!  Pens, pencils, etc…be prepared every day.  I will supply markers, 

          colored pencils, crayons for certain activities  (In-person only)

    4.  Fully charged school-issued iPad

    Tips for Success in Health Class

                           RESPECT – MY #1 RULE!

    ·         Treat others as you wish to be treated.

    ·         NO PUT DOWNS!

    ·         Listen when others are talking. 


    ·         Be on time every day. 

    ·         Bring materials (including a writing utensil) needed for class every day.

      •     Turn assignments in on time.  10% of your total points are taken away each day an assignment is late.
      •     NO energy drinks or soda will be allowed in class at anytime!  I recommend water with a screw-on lid.
      •     Save all notes and work for the final/mid-term exam.     
      •          Do every assignment to the best of your ability.
      •          Engage yourself in classroom discussions.
      •          If you need help – with anything- please ask…don’t wait until it’s too late!  I am more than happy to help you

         School rules are “life rules”.  When you have a job you are expected to be there everyday.  You are expected to be on time, to dress appropriately, and to be courteous to people around you.  You are also expected to give your best effort each day.  In school, you are asked to do the same.  Be a good student!  It's good practice for the future!

    jeep            I love health