Intro to Strength Training

    Policies & Procedures

    Weight Room Safety

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    Hello my awesome Strength Training classes!
    As a health teacher, I would advise you all to adhere to CDC recommendations to get us all through this crazy time healthy. You can look at those recommendations on the CDC.gov website. At the same time, go outside, get some exercise, drink lots of water, make healthy choices, take a multi-vitamin, keep a positive attitude and be kind! All these things will boost your immune system. After all, if you don't have your health what do you have? Healthy = Happy!  The sooner we can all get back to in-person learning the happier we will all be!!  Hope to see you soon (fingers crossed)!
    Yours in Strength,
    Mrs. Kriesel
    The main objective of the Strength Training class here at CHS, just as in any other class, is COMMITMENT. In this class we expect our students will strive to achieve strength, speed, flexibility, endurance, stamina, self-confidence and discipline. It will be sport specific and by choosing this class you are making the commitment to attend class, dress-out, participate, give 110% effort, and respect yourself and others on a daily basis. It is a PRIVELIGE to be in this class – not a right.

    Tips for Success


    J  Be on time, prepared to work, and ready to participate EVERY DAY.   

          Make sure your school-issued iPad is fully charged for the day.

    J  NO energy drinks or soda will be allowed in class at anytime!  I   

          recommend bringing a water bottle.

    J  Treat others as you wish to be treated…it goes a long way! 
    This class requires that you purchase or acquire a 1-inch binder with at least 5 dividers.  It will be used to keep your weekly workouts, goals and other required papers for your reference.  You will keep your binder in your locker and bring it to class when needed.  Yes!  It will be graded and is worth a bunch of points.  See me with questions.  (IN-PERSON ONLY)
    v     School rules are “life rules”.  When you have a job you are expected to be there everyday.  You are expected to be on time, to dress appropriately, and to be courteous to people around you.  You are also expected to give your best effort each day.  In school, you are asked to do the same.
    My expectations are high for each individual who signs up for this class...be prepared to give me your best every day as I will be pushing you to reach your goals you will set for yourself.  If not for me then do it for yourself!


    feel the burn