• AP Honor Roll  



         Flagstaff High School is a four-year public high school of approximately 1500 students. The student body is comprised primarily of five ethnic groups:  Anglo-American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, and African-American. Approximately 50 percent of the students are minorities; 147 of them are Native American students who live in a BIA dormitory in Flagstaff.  The student body represents a broad socio-economic range from very low income to upper middle class.  Each year approximately 50% of the graduates enroll in four-year colleges and universities and 25% in two-year institutions.

         The high school curriculum offers a wide variety of vocational and college preparatory courses, as well as a cooperative work program for seniors and concurrent enrollment options for advanced students through Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College. Dual Enrollment courses are also available through Coconino Community College. A comprehensive Honors Program is offered in the subject areas of English, Math, and Science in grades nine through twelve.  Advanced Placement courses are taught in English Language and Literature, Calculus AB, Statistics, World History, U.S. History, American Government, Environmental Science, and Chemistry.  Independent study courses are available, primarily for advanced study in a discipline, or for special course work outside the regular curriculum.

         Twenty-two credits are required for graduation, in the following distribution:

                English – 4 units                                             World History/Geography – 1 unit

                Science – 3 units                                             American Govt./Economics – 1 unit

                Mathematics – 4 units                                     Fine Arts or Vocational – 1 unit

                U.S. History – 1 unit                                       Personal Fitness w/Health -1 unit

                                                    6 Electives to total 22 credits


          College-bound students are required to take four units of mathematics, completing at least one course beyond Algebra 2, three units of laboratory sciences, two units of social studies, two units of a foreign language and one fine art course.

         All courses are graded on the 4.0 system with the exception of Advanced Placement courses, which receive weighted grades, as follows:  A=5.0; B=4.0; C=2.5.

         In the past year, 77 students took the SAT exams, averaging 1059 (R-528, M-531). Also, 337 students took the ACT exams, with an average composite score of 19.6. FHS has participated as a School Choice testing site for the past four years. In May 2013, 229 students took 335 exams with 208 exam scores of 3 or higher.  We offered 11 AP courses and students took 13 different AP exams.

         Two students from the 2013 class received National Merit Honors, one received the Gates Millennium Scholarship and one Flinn Scholar.

         Flagstaff High School is accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and colleges.