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  • Culinary Arts:

    Introduction to Culinary Arts: This course is an entry-level class providing basic principles in food science, food safety, and food preparation. It is designed to introduce students to fundamental food preparation terms, concepts, and methods in Culinary Arts; laboratory practice will support classroom instruction/learning. Essential terminology, knowledge and skills/techniques are covered with an emphasis on basic kitchen safety, sanitation, and equipment maintenance and operation procedures. There will be reading, writing, and other classroom assignments that precede lab activities. Students will learn the following skills: kitchen safety and sanitation, how to read a recipe, measuring and mixing techniques, basic cooking techniques, kitchen equipment identification and use, cutlery skills, beginning baking, and nutrition

    Culinary Arts I – (Prerequisites: Introduction to Culinary Arts): This course provides “hands-on” training for students interested in a career in the foods industry. Students obtain a Foods Handlers’ card from the Coconino County Health Department and assume the responsibility for running the Eagle’s Nest Café, a licensed restaurant and bakery. Skills are developed in planning, preparing, marketing and serving meals. Dual enrollment is available through Coconino Community College as HRM 140- Introduction to Hospitality. *Fee required.

    Introduction to Pastry and Baking – (Prerequisites: Culinary I or ability to test out on foundational assessment): This course is an introduction to baking for students who are interested in a possible baking/pastry career or a great foundation in baking as a life skill. This is a transition class from basic kitchen baking to advanced baking concepts in a state-of-the-art culinary lab. *Fee required.

    Culinary Arts II – (Prerequisites: Culinary Arts I, Grade of B or better): This course is a continuation of skills learned in Culinary Arts I. Second-year students work as kitchen managers in planning and preparing meals in Eagle’s Nest kitchen. Students receive their Food Manager’s Card from the Coconino County Health Department as well as learn advanced skills in a state-of-the art kitchen. Students may compete in CCAP and various other culinary competitions to earn college scholarships. This class is dual enrolled to Coconino Community College as HRM 240 – Commercial Food Production and students receive 3 credit hours for successful completion. *Fee required.

    Culinary Arts III – (Prerequisites: Culinary Arts II, Grade of B or better): This class is for anyone who might be interested in owning their own business in any aspect of food! Culinary skills and business skills will be taught throughout this class. Instructor will be present but catering managers will be responsible for planning, executing and take down of each special event. Classroom facsimiles—the closest possible to running your own business. The 2017-2018 school year provided for a barista program which is a true Flagstaff High School entrepreneurship. Students are responsible for coffee creations, baking, delivery, and costing items for the program. Requires student with initiative and selfmotivation. *Fee required.

    Early Child Care:

    Child Development I: This course studies early childhood development. Units include ages and stages of development, safety, health, meal planning, story-telling, art activities, and puppetry. Students will develop skills to meet the needs and abilities of young children; birth to five years of age. Observations and experiences are completed in the KIDS Center, the FHS licensed childcare center. Students must complete a 7 hour First Aid and CPR/AED training that will be offered in class. Once successfully completed, students will receive certification credentials and are able to work in the Kid’s Center. *Fee Required.

    Child Development II: This course is the continued study of early childhood development. Emphasis will be on Child Development Associate Certification. Students must have received their First Aid and CPR credentials to work within the Child Care Lab. *Fee required.

    Child Care Lab – (Prerequisites: Child Development I and II or teacher recommendation): Students will have hands-on opportunity working in a State of Arizona licensed childcare center. Students will work in the KIDS Center caring for children, assisting in lessons and field trips, and recognizing the developing needs and abilities of young children. Students will be working to obtain a CDA (Child Development Associate Credential).

    Trade and Industry:

    Automotive Technology I: This class is vocational in nature and designed to prepare students to work in the automotive industry or a related field. Students receive instruction in safety and shop procedures. They are given instruction in basic automotive fundamentals, maintenance procedures and repair operations. In this course students will use common hand tools, equipment, and specialized automotive power tools and test equipment. Students will be a member of Skills USA. *Fee required.

    Automotive Technology II: Auto Mechanics II is a continuation of the Auto Mechanics I class with more emphasis on live repair work in the shop. Students will diagnose and repair cars. Students will be a member of Skills USA. Dual Enrollment Eligible *Fee required.

    Automotive Technology III: Auto Mechanics III is a continuation of Auto Mechanics II with more shop experience and self-directed application of prior knowledge. Students will be a member of Skills USA. Dual Enrollment Eligible *Fee required.

    Welding I: The purpose of this course is to teach the student basic fundamentals of common welding processes. The processes covered are oxyacetylene welding and cutting, shielding metal arc “stick” welding and gas metal arc “MIG” welding. Students will use standard industrial welding tools, materials and equipment while learning in an applied setting. *Fee required.

    Welding II: This class will allow the students to further develop the skills they learned in Welding I. Students will be members of Skills USA. *Fee required. *Fee required.

    Welding III: Students in Welding III will continue to develop their skills in the field of welding. Completing a certification course aligned with the American Welding Society will be incorporated into the class. S.E.N.S.E (Schools Excelling through National Skills Education) curriculum completers will test to become a certified welder. Students in this class will be SkillsUSA members.

    Woodworking I: The purpose of this course is to teach the student the fundamentals of general woodworking. Students will use modern-day equipment and tools to aide in the successful completion of a core project in an applied setting of traditional woodworking. *Fee required.

    Woodworking II: Woodworking II is a course designed for the student to become familiar with production concepts used in modern industry while further developing their own skills and knowledge in woodworking. The student’s project work will mainly consist of their dedication and involvement in creating a mock corporation, emphasizing the production of fine quality furniture products. Students will also be a member of Skills USA. *Fee required.

    Cabinetmaking (Woods III) – (Prerequisites: Woods I and Woods II): Cabinetmaking is an opportunity to learn advanced skills in the area of cabinetmaking. Students will be able to increase their knowledge of design and construction in the field of woodworking. Students will be able to join and compete in Skills USA. *Fee required.

    Sports Medicine:

    Sports Medicine I - (Pre-requisite – Health): Sports Medicine is intended for students who have an interest in Sports Medicine or some similar health care profession, or to learn how to care for their own athletic injuries. Topics include anatomy, taping and wrapping, prevention of athletic injuries, treatment of athletic injuries, first aid/CPR and administration of an Athletic Training program. *Fee required. Must have a C or better to move on to Sports Medicine II.

    Sports Medicine II - (Pre-requisite – Sports Medicine I): Sports Medicine II is intended for students who have successfully completed Sports Medicine I and would like to further their education in health care. Topics include CPR for the Health Care Worker/Professional Rescuer--certification subject to change--, advanced taping/wrapping techniques for sports injuries, medical terminology, vital signs, therapeutic modalities and rehab, crutch fitting and more. Sports Medicine II is eligible for dual enrollment for AHS 131: Medical Terminology I taught at CCC. This course is also for those that may be interested in assisting in the Athletic Training room as a student aide. Must have a B or better to be interviewed for the Internship course. *Fee Required.

    Sports Medicine II- Internship – (Pre-requisite - Sports Medicine I and/or II): Sports Medicine Internship is for students that have completed Sports Medicine I and Sports Medicine II or are currently enrolled in Sports Medicine I or Sports Medicine II. This course would be intended for those that want to assist as an Athletic Training Student Aide in the FHS Athletic Training Room. Therefore, it would involve volunteer hours after school (at least 5 hours a week). The curriculum involves advanced practice in skills the students were introduced to in Sports Medicine I and Sports Medicine II, as well as anatomy and medical terminology study. The students would also be expected to be an active participate and in the Health Occupations Student Association (HOSA) by taking a leadership role and/or by attending a state conference and taking at least the HOSA Sports Medicine exam.

    Graphic Communication:

    Digital Photography I (Can count as Fine Arts credit.): Complete your fine art credit through the viewfinder of a digital camera. This course introduces students to the basic tools and processes of digital photography including Point and Shoot and DSLR camera functions, composition and photo correction. Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Photoshop, Bridge) programs will be used to prepare students in the Photography field. *Fee required.

    Digital Photography II (Prerequisite: Digital Photo I): Advanced digital camera operation and processes of digital photography including: lighting, composition, equipment, editing, and software are the focus of this course. Through weekly photo assignments (portraiture, studio lighting, black and white, nature, object/product, etc.) students will photograph, scan, edit, and print images for professional presentation. Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Photoshop, Bridge and Light room) programs will be used to prepare students in the Photography field. College Credit through Dual Enrollment is available for sophomores, juniors and seniors. *Fee required.

    Digital Photography III (Prerequisite: Digital Photo I and Digital Photo II): This is the most advanced Digital Photography class offered at FHS. The focus of this course will be developing skills to produce larger projects both photographically and through Photoshop and other digital Software techniques. Students will learn critique skills and how to produce cohesive bodies of work. Printing and mounting techniques for gallery presentation will also be explored. The ins and outs of the Photography world will be studied to ensure that students are industry ready upon graduation. Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Photoshop, Bridge and Light room) programs will be used to prepare students in the Photography field. *Fee required.

    Graphic Design I: Graphic Design I provides an exploration into the world of visual communication and advertising. Students will use the Photoshop and Illustrator programs to make visually appealing graphics, logos, magazine covers, digital artwork, websites, stickers and t-shirt designs informed by the fundamental elements and principles of graphic design. This course has the option of dual enrollment credit through CCC and is listed as ART 135 which fulfills the fine arts credit requirement for college. *Fee required.

    Graphic Design II: Graphic Design II is an in depth exploration into the world of visual communication and advertising. Students will use the Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create graphics, layouts, logos, infographics, magazine covers, digital artwork, websites, stickers and t-shirt designs informed by the fundamental elements and principles of graphic design. This course has the option of dual enrollment credit through CCC and is listed as ART 130 which fulfills the fine arts credit requirement in college. *Fee required.

    FHS Screen Printing T-shirt Printing Internship: This class provides a practical application of design through our school-based student-lead screen printing business, Flag High Screen Printing. The students learn to run a screen printing business where they are able to design t-shirts, stickers and much more. Students learn the ins and outs of running a team-based business that is focused on the application of skills acquired throughout previous design classes. This course has the option of dual enrollment credit through CCC and is listed as BUS 207. *Fee required

    Business I – Business Technology (Microsoft Certification Available): This course will focus on the programs within Microsoft Office to create business documents, while also featuring emerging technologies and social media. Students will learn to use technology to maximize their productivity, efficiency, and career potential. Students will also learn how businesses are capitalizing on social media trends and how to leverage social media for professional purposes. Throughout the course, Internet safety, etiquette, and social implications will be addressed to help establish students as responsible digital citizens. Web design and computer programming may be included as time allows. At the end of this course, students will be prepared to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam *Fee required.

    Business II – Business and Finance – (Prerequisite: Business I): Do you want to be RICH? Knowing how to manage money is the key to both personal and business success and wealth. For the first part of class, students will be introduced to financial management skills and concepts, including budgets, insurance, financial institutions, credit & debt and investments. Buying a car, going to college, paying rent, using a credit card, and getting insurance are all immediate concerns that will be addressed. Students will then use this financial understanding as they look at the rewards and challenges of owning and operating a business. They will evaluate the role of the economy and consumers while learning ways to manage employees, assess risk, and market products. *Fee required.

    Fashion, Design and Merchandising-Dual Enrollment Eligible: This program provides learning experiences in all aspects of the fashion scene: design techniques, fashion merchandising, business communication skills, computer technology skills and apparel construction. The program consists of a variety of projects that will challenge students, provide work-based learning experiences and allow students to utilize their artistic abilities. Career Opportunities: Fashion Designer/Art Director/Graphic Designer/Industrial Designer/Model/Buyer/Purchasing Agent/Merchandiser and so much more