• Programs & Services

    The Flagstaff Unified School District offers a wide variety of programs designed to meet individual needs.  The following is a descriptive listing of many of the programs offered.  If you want more detailed information regarding any program, or if the student has needs, which these programs do not address, please contact the guidance department.
    Structured English Immersion (SEI)
    The mission of the Flagstaff Unified School District's SEI program is to provide all English proficient students an equitable opportunity to maximize their potential.  In order to do this, Flagstaff High School offers SEI and sheltered-content classes for students who are learning English as a second or additional language.  A home school coordinator and an SEI resource teacher serve as support staff for the teachers and students in the program.  Parents collaboration is fostered via Parent Advisory Committee meetings, adult SEI classes, and other activities planned by the home school coordinator.
    Special Needs / Special Education
    Core Academic classes for students with a documented disability are available when necessary and appropriate.  Special assistance will be provided to students with physically disabling conditions, according to the needs of the individual student.  Evaluation for placement  in special education in made through the guidance department.  Consent of the parent or guardian is required for evaluation and provision of services.  All students with an identified disability will be assigned a case manager to assist them with their needs.
    Mastery Learning Center
    The center is designed to assist students for test-taking and assignment completion.  This classroom is available every period of the day and is designed to meet the needs of highly diversified student population while providing individualized attention to assist in the successful completion of classwork.