• The Storied Life of Jacob Louchart

    I was born in Saginaw, MI in 1972 and lived near there until I was 6.  This is me and my family in about 1975, when my sister was very young.  I was smaller and my pants were cooler.

    I was 3.  And cute.

    We moved to Arizona when I was 6 and I lived in Show Low until I graduated from high school.  This is my eighth grade class picture:

    Don't try to find me, but I'm in here.

    My sister and I did not transition to the 1990's very well:

    So unfortunate...

    Yes, that's me.  I really did have long hair once upon a time.  This me at Christmas in the 1990's:

    Floormats! I love floormats!

    I graduated from NAU in 1995 and taught in Alamogordo, New Mexico for two years.

    I taught here from '95-'97


    I've been at FHS since 1997.  This was me singing with some of my students at graduation in 2006:

    I loved this!


    This is me as Captain Random from the fall of 2009:

    Clearly I haven't grown up


    This is my family in Santa Cruz in June of 2013:

    Happy family!

    This is us in Ireland in July 2016.

     Ireland, July 2016
    If you are really interested, here's the link to our vacation video!
    And here we are in California in July.
    Pacific Ocean!

    I hope you have enjoyed your look around and are looking forward to the school year!